Galen leather A5 zip folio

The other day, Galen leather contacted me and asked me if I would like a review sample of their A5 zip folio. I was able to choose the colour I wanted from distressed brown, green and undyed. Of course I said yes please to be able to sample and review this item! I was so honoured to have been asked, and am so excited to be able to review this. I love all my other Galen leather products (see my previous blog posts here), and this company is highly thought-of in the stationery community. Of course I chose undyed leather because I absolutely adore the way undyed leather develops a patina, changes colour, and shows the marks of use.

I used to love writing cases when I was younger. Writing cases were a thing back then, when people wrote letters. I loved writing letters to family and friends, and I also had a fiancé in the army to whom I wrote almost every day. Writing cases held a couple of pens, notepaper, cards, envelopes, stamps, and often a writing pad. My dad had a dark brown pigskin one which I coveted, but I received my very own blue leather one as a university graduation present from my aunt and uncle and it is still so meaningful to me.

This is very much like that, except that it holds the necessities of life as we approach 2020. I have to say I am thrilled that paper and pens are still relevant.

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  1. I really covet one of these – plus their wooden writing box!

    I’ve just ordered a purple Hobonichi Weeks wallet from them, which came super-duper fast. Only snag was that I got stung for customs’ fees. Grrrrrr! Fab wallet, though.

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