I’m back!

We have been out and about quite a bit this last week and I had nail extensions for the wedding so I just could not type. I am not sure how people manage with long nails because I kept poking myself and the cats, hitting the wrong keys and I had to have my partner put on my necklaces and bracelets every morning and take them off every night! I am such a newbie at this.

I used to have long nails but had never had extensions before and wanted to try something special for the wedding. They were really pretty, if somewhat difficult to operate!  I touch-type about 75 words a minute so the Hunt and Peck method was highly frustrating.

But…today I had the extensions removed and so regular programming will resume tomorrow.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I worked with a woman in my last job and she was soooooo slow at typing because of her long nails! I told her to get them cut or I would bring in a large pair of scissors the next day and cut them for her!

  2. (belated) Congratulations to your Wedding!!!
    Yes, I agree with you at your long manicured nails: they look stunning and must have completed your wedding-outfit perfectly. On the other side, I can not imagine to live and work with them either, wondering how the permanent-long-nailed ladies cope. In my opinion: long nails are best be spared for very special ocasions as life is to precious for being unable to be handle with ease 😉

  3. I really hate nail extensions; actually I really hate long nails full stop. Nicely maintained natural nails, perhaps with a nice nail polish for special occasions, that’s how I think it should be. And I am not talking about just for me – I hate seeing long nails on anyone. I sometimes start watching YouTube planner videos and have to turn them off just because the presenter has horrible long painted nails that make my skin crawl!

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