Using a ring organiser to manage a project – Part 1

Hi All! The moment is here for the first post for The Filofax Project! I’ve renamed my sub-project “The Management Project” just so that there wasn’t any confusion going forward. Since I’ve already received the gorgeous A5 Siena, I figured I’d get the show started!

Green Envelope

My green envelope arrived on August 26. Inside was the absolutely beautiful Cinnamon Siena, my first binder in the A5 size. I’ll do a quick tour of the binder, followed by my initial set up for the project!


How stunning is this binder? I love the scratches, details, the smell, everything! It is super soft and incredibly well made.


The inside left pocket has six credit card pockets, two larger pockets behind those, and a full length vertical pocket in the back. There is also a pen loop.


The back of the binder has a notepad slot and additional pen loop. For now, I’ve fitted the binder with a Zebra F-301 ball point and a Sakura Pigma Micron 05.


Janet had this binder stuffed with a weekly 2013 calendar, two sets of A-Z dividers, 2 black rulers, and a TON of notepaper. I’m only holding about 2/3 of what I received in the photo above.


Not to mention, who could resist those GOLD rings?!

Anywhoo, on to the important bits. As you know, I’m using this binder to manage The Filofax Project and to keep details on a job that I have applied for. In the long run, this will hopefully be my work binder in my effort to separate my personal and work lives. Let’s take a peek at the initial set up…


As soon as I knew I would be receiving an A5 binder, I purchased a KW Trio hole punch. When the binder arrived, I punched out a poem I wrote a few weeks ago to serve as my front page in the binder. Behind that, I have a bunch of note paper, just to even out the calendar section so that the rings don’t get in the way.


Then I have my weekly calendar. I’m using the weekly calendar to track my status with a job I’ve applied for. I’ve listed the posting date and the date I applied, and I plan to include any communications with HR, interview dates, etc.


Behind the weekly calendar, I have a monthly calendar I printed from Philofaxy. I plan to use this calendar to manage posting dates and deadlines for the participants of The Filofax Project. The pages look pretty blank now, but I’m sure as soon as participants begin receiving binders, these monthly pages will be quite full!

After the calendars, I’ve decided to try the system of using the A-Z dividers as a filing system of sorts. So far, I’ve filed project contacts under C, project notes under N, and project summaries under S. This is a system I’d also love to use for work – this will be my mini test to see if it works!

IMG_1659(3) IMG_1659(5) IMG_1659(4)

In the back of the binder, I have a bit more notepaper, plus a card holder and a really cool filing pocket that Janet included. Both are pretty sparse for now, but I’m sure I’ll find good use for them!

IMG_1659(11) IMG_1659(10)

There is the initial Siena Set Up! I think this should definitely help me manage The Filofax Project – although I do have a lot of the information stored digitally, I really do need to see it all on paper! I’ll be back in a week or so to let you know how it’s going, or if I add anything else!


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  1. Filofax Sienna. So pretty. I wish Filofax would produce quality planners like they used to. It is sad because they were the first. I will never buy another new filofax because the quality is so lacking. Love the Sienna though!

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