Solid sterling silver spoon rings

I have never had a spoon or fork ring before, although I have always loved them. My cousin gave me a beautiful fork bangle once which I wore for years until it finally lost its plating and gave out. It had been manufactured in the year of my birth.

I like jewellery made from cutlery because it is inexpensive, unusual, good quality, made of recycled material, and some of it is hundreds of years old. Silverware (as well as things such as huge bone china dinner services) is not such a huge thing these days when you can go to IKEA and then shove whatever you bought into the dishwasher, so it is nice that beautiful household items are getting a wonderful new life.

The thing I like about fork rings is that you can turn the tines into swirls, flowers and claws. The possibilities are endless. For me though, because I love wide rings, spoon rings are my favourite because they have a plain smooth surface in most cases with any detailing on the band.

For a long time my favourite shop has been Halospoonrings on Etsy. She really uses beautiful silverware to make her jewellery (she does bangles as well) – like these for example (all the photos came from the shop on Etsy)


This one has long been my favourite and when she had a 10% sale last week, I was able to get the last one for €31. It is solid sterling silver, broad and heavy. I have not received it yet but will write a review as soon as it arrives.

It was described as: a stunning and chunky ladies solid silver teaspoon hallmarked Sheffield 1932. I have crafted the ring using the full teaspoon to enhance its beautiful visible hallmark, and highly polished finish.




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