Van Der Spek custom Codex out and about during the past two weeks

Coffee shop meeting with a client

This red Janet Leather Van Der Spek Custom A5 Codex for my Hobonichi Cousin has been my constant companion since I received it a number of weeks ago. Even though it is A5, it is not heavy and is very portable. Much more portable and compact than my personal size ring binders, in fact. Probably because it is not thick or bulky.

This cover has started to exhibit a nice glow – probably from being handled so much. Some marks have started to appear, but nothing huge or hideous. I never baby any of my leather goods, so they tumble around in my bag and are scratched by my keys and my nails.

I am still absolutely loving the Hobonichi Cousin. It is not bulky or heavy and has everything I need in one book. The multiple bookmarks mean I can easily flip between monthly, daily and weekly. I do miss being able to remove pages to give to my students but I carry a Rhodia spiral notepad for that now.

The client who took this photograph loved the cover. He kept feeling it and saying what nice quality it was and he would like something in this leather for his iPad. With it I am using my favourite pen, the multi-colour ballpen that comes with Hobonichi covers.
In my Francesco Biasia bag. You can actually see in this photograph that it does not take up much space at all because it is relatively slim.
At the coffee shop one day at lunch time

During each day I cross off items on my list as they are done. At the end of the day I check that I have not forgotten anything, transfer anything that is not complete, and then strike through the page with a green highlighter, to show that there are no notes or items still outstanding for that day.
On my knee at the bus stop
In my brown Wera bag on the way home from work. Also visible is my little tub of dried mango for when I am hungry and my makeup bag (a free Air France one). You can see in this one that something in my bag bent the corners of my pages. Being thin, they were easy to straighten out and flatten again. You can also see my Rhodia spiral pad here. I use this to write notes on to give to my students. Before I just used ring binder pages.
On my shelf one evening. Beside the Codex are my Apple Pig Cave Art TN cover and my L’Artiste Pen cases, which I love and which I use every single day. The green one holds my pencils and the grey one holds my pens and highlighters.
Waiting for a client
A few small marks, but nothing dramatic.
On my bed one morning, preparing myself for the day
Yet another client. My planners are very well travelled!
At a videoconference

On my shelf with my bag so I don’t forget it! This is my Tiger of Sweden Sibylla bag.
Making laundry time less gruesome…

And last but not least – teaching in The Cat Room!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. You had me at Francesco Biasia. Seriously, how do you work your codex with other planners or calendars?

    1. I don’t use any other planner or calendar. The Hobonichi has four calendars. Yearly, monthly (I use this for translation hours), weekly (I use this for my bookings) and daily (which I use for notes and lists). It also has a goals page for each month where I put my longer term to dos. I am loving it so far!

  2. Love this post and your beautiful Codex! I’m curious – are you using other binders / planners in conjunction with your Codex? Do you cary anything else around with you? Thanks for your wonderful blog!

    1. I am so glad you enjoy my blog! I write about my loves 🙂 I don’t use any other planner or calendar with the Codex. The Hobonichi has four calendars. Yearly, monthly (I use this for translation hours), weekly (I use this for my bookings) and daily (which I use for notes and lists). It also has a goals page for each month where I put my longer term to dos. For notes for my students I carry a Rhodia spiral notebook. At the end of each meeting I tear out the notes and give it to them. I could also carry quite a few of these pages in the pockets of my Codex, meaning that I wouldn’t have to carry the notebook with me.

      1. Thanks for your response, Janet. I’m thinking about a move to Hobonichi and you’ve given me lots to think about 🙂

  3. You kept mentioning how its not bulky or heavy. Is there room to add bulk, for instance, other notebooks, extra sheets of folded paper I write on, etc.? I tend to “chunk” out my planners.

    1. I have extra pockets all over the place and an extra long strap to allow ‘chunking out’. At the moment I have loads of bits of paper in there (6 sheets of A4 in the full length pocket, cards, receipts, notepaper etc in all the other pockets) and it has not bulked out so’s you’d notice.

  4. That planner is really stunning! It’s not the size I use and I’m in rings but I must admit It’s a beauty!
    It’s funny you have a Cats Room at home. I also have one which is my favourite place to sit and read as it is very comfy. Unlike in yours Janet, no “stranger” is allowed in there (and certainly not clients) as my cats highly dislike intrusions.

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