Troika Sketch Mechanical Tool Pencil 2.0

The Sketch Mechanical Tool Pencil is one of the latest additions to Troika’s amazing construction range. A satisfyingly weighty mechanical pencil, the barrel features a ruler marked in centimetres and inches as well as 1:20 m and 1:50 m scales. The end cap features a stylus and has multiple functions: unscrew to reveal a replaceable eraser (the Uni eraser type S fits); pull out to reveal the integrated lead pointer; and push in to extend the lead.

  • Sturdy pocket clip. 
  • Fitted with 2mm HB lead and supplied with 6 Koh-i-Noor coloured leads in blue, red, yellow, grey, green and brown.
  • Hexagonal barrel constructed from lacquered brass.
  • Dimensions: 145mm long, diameter approximately 10mm; weighs 34g.
  • Supplied in a simple card box.

I couldn’t resist a 2mm pencil that did away with my need for a stylus, ruler, lead pointer (sharpener), and eraser. This has everything in one. The stylus is on the top of the pencil, the sharpener and eraser are in the cap, and it comes with a nifty little clear container holding leads. I use 2mm 2H lead so I will be replacing the lead in the little container with those.

It is actually nice to write with (I was a bit worried that it would be unwieldy) and is weighty but not too heavy. Most nice mechanical pencils are only available in 0.5mm lead sizes but this one is 2mm so I snapped it up. I got it from from CultPens


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