Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I had an Irish father (from Kilconnell in Galway) and am an Irish citizen, so I enjoy St Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone feels Irish!

My family actually had the contract for bottling Guinness at one stage! Happy St Paddy’s day to all my readers 🙂




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  1. I am convinced that the majority of the world’s population hails from Ireland! In the USA of the later 1800’s they were more despised than the Chinese. That said my own family on came from County Galway and County Mayo after the disastrous potato famines and found themselves in another hell, namely the numerous iron foundries of the Black Country (West Midlands). I have a great affinity with the Irish and my Irish ancestry, and shall have a Jameson’s or two this evening. St Patrick’s Day always makes me feel good.

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