Elrohir Leather A4 Satchel Leather TN cover


This is a gorgeous heavyweight, vintage looking brown leather A4  fauxdori. It looks, feels and smells WONDERFUL, a really solid lovely reassuring book.

We don’t have that much of this fabulous leather left, and we have used every single bit, incorporating range marks, marblings, scars and unevenesses into every piece–the result is a book that already has character. Think 1950s doctors bag, or old school satchels, or really traditional, solid vintage leather document cases on Marlowe’s desk in a Raymond Chandler novel……

The leather is sealed waxed for protection, and is about 4mm thick–this is a seriously heavy duty cover and you’ll still be using it when you are old and doddery (or older and more doddery in my case). We have waxed it and polished the edges, though not too much, and antiqued it just a little–there are lots of lovely marblings and variations of colour in this and a little wrinkle tanned into the leather on the back cover.

There are four elastics for four inserts–though you can definitely get more in, and fairly thick ones, because this is cut WIDE!!! Also has a handy cream stitched pockets.

Grab it while you can, I hardly have any of this lovely leather left. 

This arrived last week and I am so very pleased with it. It holds A4 Rhodia Stapled books (I have 6 in it – graph, dot grid and lined). It is heavy (well with all that paper and all that leather it has to be!) but the leather is amazing. It is soft and flexible and so nice and shiny. I am not sure what Mischa did to it to get this gorgeous feel (maybe polished it?). The size is about the same as an A4 ring binder and it is about the same weight when full.

I ordered this as a custom in November last year but because of the size and the stitching, it took a while to be ready. Totally worth the wait, and Mischa is a darling to deal with. The reason I ordered it was because I loved the leather and there was almost none left. Mischa has managed to get her hands on some black leather like this brown, so if you like this, contact her via her Etsy shop and tell her I sent you!

I went in to town today and saw a woman carrying a well-worn satchel in this type of leather. It looked so nice – I hope this one ends up looking like that!





These flower bookmarks are by PaperLoveStudio on Etsy.




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