Teal Monkey paws from Handmademits on Etsy


These were bought AS-IS from Handmademits on Etsy and I love them.

I bought them for my Van Der Spek personal sized binder (just loop them around whichever ring brings you to your desired length)



but I can also use them as an external charm on my larger notebooks.

Mitsuko was wonderful to deal with an included some wonderful stickers with the package as well as a hand-written note. Things like that make a huge difference.

I never tell people I am a blogger when I buy things and am always amazed and pleased when they know me from my blog. It is always such a lovely feeling to know people read me.

Thank you Mitsuko – I will be back!




Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers, Midori and other Traveler's Notebooks


2 replies

  1. Don’t sound so surprised, EVERYONE knows Janet Carr, haha! Thanks for this. As you know I showed an interest in them last week.

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    • I am always astonished when I buy something and the seller says they read my blog. I want to do jumpy claps! These are really nice. I am not a nervous fiddler but I like having something hanging on my rings. I usually have a leather ladybird charm but this is really nice!


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