Zenkraft POP (Prince of Purple) Slim A5 with gold hardware

My two favourite colours are black and purple. So if something comes in purple, I am there like a bear! I always look for purple first, and then black.

I managed to snaffle this from Zenkraftleather in the five minutes the items were up last week. I shop sales like a guerilla!

I like the blue side of purple rather than the red side of purple, but whatever shade it is, purple is always difficult to photograph. It tends to photograph as blue (as this one) or maroon (as the Gillio purple epoca).

These photographs are not enhanced in any way and were taken (as all my photographs) with my iPhone 5s. I would say that the purple in these photographs is pretty much as it looks in real life.

The leather is really soft and pebbly and will not easily show wear, unlike my similar models in Old Man Comfort. It also has GOLD HARDWARE! Not easy to find as most is silver or brass.

This is very much a ‘pick it up and take it with you’ type design, because it holds a spiral notebook, up to 10 notebooks (using extra elastics) and has place for pens, rulers and thin stencils.









Folder and leather penloops by Monique from Lady Falcon/Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets
With my Fantasia de Fleur


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. The colour looks amazing! You were very lucky to get a notebook from what I heard! Great choice!

    1. I am going to have to have a huge clear out soon as I am overrun by notebooks. What to keep though, I love them all!!!! Yochanan’s covers sold out in just over 8 minutes so I was really lucky.

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