‘Boerboel Owners’ magnets


I have a metal shell on my MacBook and it has a magnet on it. People often ask me what it means, so I asked Ray from the Boerboel Owners Facebook Group to provide a short explanation. It is for a really good cause. I put mine on my Mac because that is where I write all my articles.


What started out as a “prize” for the 1000th member of the Boerboel Owners Facebook group has turned into a campaign to help several different causes.

I created the Boerboel Owners Magnet as an incentive to build the Boerboel Owners Facebook group and its member base, in order to help all learn about this magnificent breed. I posted within the group about how the 1000th member would receive the magnet. Surprisingly pre-orders just started rolling in.

I decided to have a batch made after designing the logo and selling the magnet on http://www.boerboelowners.com/store.html in order to allow people to display their Boerboel Magnetic Pride. I had noticed that Marjorie Mapes (who runs http://www.giantpawsboerboelrescue.org) was a member in our group, and this inspired me to help others as the magnets were purchased. I coordinated with Marjorie, and for each magnet purchased, $2.00 is sent to her organization.

As time went by, I noticed that a member in the Boerboels Owners group needed help within a GoFundMe me page for their Boerboel’s vet bills. Brian S. Byers, who is a group member, had posted https://www.gofundme.com/29fczm. I reached out to Brian and let him know that for every magnet bought, $1.00 would be sent to help him reach his goal. I made the donation retroactive and sent Brian all money due to him based on $1.00 per magnet prior to me tying in his cause to help him out. It’s all about helping Boerboel and their owners.

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