ZenKraft’s Old Man Comfort v2 b6 Pro Sleeve Bi-Fold

This one is also on the way from Zenkraft. It was actually an accidental purchase but B6 is an increasingly popular size that I have never seen or tried before, so I decided to keep it and see how I feel when I get it.

It is constructed from 5.5oz Brown Horween Chromexcel leather. It holds 6 to 8 B6 inserts comfortably. It has a left side utility pocket for pens, rulers, etc. Right side pocket holds a Reporter Notebook (3.5″x6″) and inserts from a top slot. The rear pocket (7.5″x4.5″) holds most cell phones comfortably. Brass snaps keep it secure and in place. The perfect size for both on the go and sitting at your desk.

The description above, and all the photographs in this article come from Yochanan’s blog, which is a fantastic place to start if you are interested in his work. It has descriptions, photographs and is available all the time.

You can also join is in the Zenkraft Facebook groups here and here, and on his website here










Categories: Bookbinding, Diaries and Journals, Midori and other Traveler's Notebooks, Notebooks


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