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  1. How absolutely magnificent! I don’t think I’ve ever seen these cats before!

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  2. Wow, they are rather big, but beautiful!

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  3. Amazing and beautiful fur babies❣
    I have labeled myself as just one cat away from crazy! I feel sad for those that have never awakened that part of their heart and allowed themselves to know what true and unconditional love is all about. As I type this simple message I’m unable to move without disturbing a furbaby. There are 5 kitties and a doggie laying around me and 4 more kitties and 2 more doggies close by. All whom have rescued me! My Manx Brothers I found by the side of the road at 3 weeks old are now huge! Best friends forever❣

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  4. They are huge!! I love smaller cats. Mine is a Ragdoll and she is only 7 months old.
    Big cats scare me somehow.

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  5. Oh how gorgeous, those huge paws and all the fur! I am a crazy cat lady and having that much cat to contend with would be both fantastic and challenging – bring it on!

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