Famous Engagement Rings


I love diamonds and so I was fascinated to read this article about some of the most famous ones.

Jackie Kennedy’s one below really surprised me. I have never seen her engagement ring before and it was not at all what I would have expected a Kennedy to wear. I would have thought it would be a plain solitaire in a simple setting.

I love this one. Sparkly and unusual. Though not what you would normally imagine an engagement ring to look like. It looks more like costume jewellery or a cocktail ring.



The one below is Grace Kelly’s engagement ring. Going from her style, it is what I could imagine her wearing.


This one (below) is Elizabeth Taylor’s Richard Burton ring (she had so many husbands, it is probably better to mention which husband it was from!). Even sucking on a cigarette, with eye-popping cleavage busting over her neckline and dripping over-huge jewels she looks absolutely fabulous! Not many people could carry this one off and not look cheap. She was such a spectacularly beautiful woman.



And the last one I liked was Audrey Hepburn’s. It was perfect for her. Not pricey, subtle and very unusual. She could wear them one at a time or stacked.



Others I like are shown below. I wouldn’t wear either of them myself but they are something different from the traditional. Both photos below come from the blog, Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour, which has a section called Jewel Central where I often immerse myself in the tiaras and brooches.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark



Victoria, Countess Spencer



And finally, David and Angie Bowie each wore two silver Peruvian bracelets as wedding rings. They were given as wedding presents by Angie’s brother.


British rock singer, David Bowie, poses beside his Rolls Royce in May 1973. (AP Photo)

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Janet, I have been a regular reader of Royal Order of Splendor for several years! It’s one of the three blogs I go to on a daily basis. My UK born boyfriend thinks it’s quite hilarious that a 52-year old woman living in Long Island, NY knows so much about the european royal families.

    Those engagement rings are beautiful. I’ve never seen Jackie Kennedy’s ring. I hope Caroline still has it. I do remember Victoria, Countess Spencer’s ring as I was a subscriber to Majesty magazine for years and saw all the photos and articles on their engagement and wedding. I will now go read the article you linked to on these beautiful rings!

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