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  1. My thoughts are with your friend. It must be hard for “non-doggy” people to understand that a pet is a core member of the family. We had to say goodbye to our dog last Friday. We thought she had a slipped disc. It turned out to be cancer of the vertebrae. She went from a lively, fun-loving English Springer Spaniel to just a shadow of her former self in a matter of a few weeks and we had to end her suffering. Our daughters were very small when Puds (Pudding) was a puppy. She has shared everything in our family life since. It has been very hard to lose her.

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    • Oh I am so very sorry. It is incredibly hard. Even more so because we have to make that choice for our furry family. My Puds (that is what we call Paddy) will be heading to the Rainbow Bridge soon and I am dreading it, even though I know it will be for the best. I still have not gotten over the last time I did it, in 2010.


  2. I am a tender soul and as such, have always had very close relationships with my pets. I know the sadness of this loss and the depths to which it stretches. Your friend will be in my prayers, as will his furry love.

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  3. Too sad for words. What a beautiful dog.

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