First peep at Zenkraft Fantasia de Fleur X-Treme A5 Quadfold Pro

I wrote earlier this week about my wonderful experience buying a Quadfold from Zenkraft Leather. Well, it is already finished! I am absolutely thrilled. Yochanan had so many orders he took the website down the next day so that he could start fulfilling them, so keep checking or pop into the Facebook page to find out what the situation is. I must have been one of the first to order because it is already done AND I have a tracking number! Squee!

I got to choose my elastic colour! What a difficult choice. In the end someone suggested the middle purple and I went with that because it was the one that leapt out at me first, and it is my favourite colour. I also liked the one to the far left, the pale purple and also the green next to it. Hmmm


And…. drumroll…






Here’s a side by side comparison with Yochanan’s Manila Sunset A5 Quad-Pro. My bigger 2″ spine allows extra room – I am an overstuffer of note!


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  1. beautiful!!!! Sitting here pouting – I asked if he could make one for me – they are all out of that leather!!!! Do you have an extra kleenex?????

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  2. Art at its finest!

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