Traveler’s Notebook Weight Loss and Fitness Inserts

I wrote yesterday about using a TN as a weight loss journal. As promised, here are some Etsy options for weight loss and fitness inserts for your traveler’s notebook – click the caption below each photograph to take you to where you can buy the item. You can use regular grid, lined or blank pages if they suit you better but these are specially designed to aid in your weight loss and fitness journey.

There are even charms you could use on a weight loss journal. Or you could use bead charms in several ways – for example threaded on a bookmark, a separate or on the cover elastic – add for each pound lost.

Because TNs are flexible you can remove options that do not work for you, tweak those that almost do, and use those that definitely do. You can choose the size and number of elastics that suits you – Passport, Field Notes, Pocket, Personal, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide, A5 and A4. Some ideas are

  • grid paper to record weight loss
  • lined paper for notes, compliments, food diary, calorie diary, mood diary (if you are an emotional eater)
  • blank paper for stencilling or pasting motivational quotes and encouragement.


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  1. Thank you for selected the”Abs Routine” & “Fitness Planner” insert for being part of this blog.
    My aim is to create insert for health & fitness. If you’re looking for planner for better life.
    please subscribe me on my Etsy shop here

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  2. Reblogged this on Study. Read. Write. and commented:
    Two of my MTN inserts are featured here. The Fitness Journal (2nd one down) and the Running Log (9th). Both now available from my Etsy shop LifeInNotes at



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  2. List of insert suppliers for TNs and ring organisers – Janet Carr @

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