New TN insert booklets from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

I love love love my matching dark angel painted TN covers in A4, A5 and Regular Size from Monique Vanmeulebrouk of Lady Falcon’s Trinkets (details below).






So to complete the perfection, I ordered insert booklets from Monique for the covers. A combination of grid, lined, blank with a mix of covers. Each cover came with one booklet so I ordered two more for each one.

They arrived yesterday and are they not perfect? As a thank you for my patience because there was a delay in my order, Monique sent me a little charm and a cable holder. I also got a lovely Lady Falconer sticker!

I collected them in the dark and wanted to open them immediately. I just had to photograph the lovely packaging before I ripped it off so apologies for the gloom in the pic. It is so dark here in winter!




Author: Janet Carr

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