Liebeskind Berlin Beau Bag in Fuchsia


Last week I was on the train when, at the central station, a woman jumped on with her suitcase and this handbag. I fell in love. The bag touched me as she sat down opposite me and it was soft and looked pretty much like the real thing though I guessed it was not when I saw the Liebeskind stamp on the front. She opened up the bag and inside were her glasses, passports and papers all neatly in the side compartments. I like Liebeskind notebooks and have written about them here. As soon as I had a moment I looked up the bag – thank goodness for Google – and found that it is called a Beau and is available in three colourways – green, cream and fuchsia. The fuchsia I saw was so beautiful that that was the one I decided I wanted. I usually only go for neutrals but in this case I made an exception.

I found several in the USA and on eBay in various countries but when I see something like this, I usually go to the country of origin as the prices are better. I found one in Germany on Amazon for €181 and €4.50 DHL shipping (which took 24 hours from Germany to Stockholm).

This is only the second time I have hunted down a bag after seeing someone else carrying one. What I really liked about this one is the zip on either side which holds A4 and also traveling things like sunglasses, documents etc. My Chloe Elvires, Francesco Biasia Barberas and the Modalu Pippa all have the central zipper with separate compartments for paper/iPad/small laptop on either side and they work so well if you have to carry lots of papers for work or travel a lot.

Three other things I really liked were the gold hardware, bright pink lining and the black braided handles (they last really well and do not change colour due to wear like other colours tend to)

These photographs are stock photographs from Liebeskind and also from which has a wonderful selection of bags and has very good service. I have included photographs of the green version which is also very nice.

The bag is due to be delivered on Monday and will give a review as soon as I have it.




















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