I’m back!



Thank you to everyone who has emailed, texted or tweeted me to find out if I was okay. I am getting better by the day now, thank you and will hopefully soon be up to speed.

I have a very demanding job and recently was flattened by a bout of flu which turned into pleurisy (oh the agony), then tonsillitis and after that, a sinus infection. I had to take time off work as I could quite literally not get out of bed. When I was well enough to get out of bed and work, I was so exhausted that the blog and Facebook had to go until I was better. I tried to just stay away but, me being me, felt I had to reply to all the comments, messages, emails and tags I was getting. In the end I deactivated both just so I could rest. This flu arrived on the 17th January and I am STILL sick!

At the moment I am getting better (I think) with every day day that passes. I am back at work but am still sleeping about 12 hours every day and in quite a bit of pain. Blog posts will be up and running today and Facebook will follow.

I have missed you all and I was so astounded and flabbergasted that people actually noticed I was not around and were worried when I disappeared. I had no idea that would happen. I expected to just disappear off the radar for a few weeks and not be noticed. The first worried email came about 10 minutes after I went offline. I was very very touched.

Thank you all!



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are recovering well. A lot of people have been missing you and your blog. What a way to start a year. All the best for 2015.

  2. I do wish you getting well soon. It must have been a tough time for you and I feel sorry. And I wish the sun in Sweden would show up constantly now in order to help you to get better easier. Wishing you all the best!!!

  3. Great to see you back, Janet. I hope you continue to feel better. I love your blog, and have missed you and your posts. No need to reply to this – just take care and concentrate on getting back to 100%.

  4. Glad to see you back and more importantly on the mend. I was sorry not to see you around but thought you were busy and social media was taking a back seat. I’m even sorrier to learn you’ve been so unwell. I hope you fully recover very soon, can’t be soon enough I know.

    But you daftie, how could you imagine we wouldn’t notice you missing! ***hugs*** xxx

  5. What a horrible month you have had, Janet. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Hope you will be fully back to good health as soon as possible.

  6. Oh i feel for you. I hope you can nip this in the butt forever. So glad to see you are back. You were missed by all. Wisong you a speedy recovery.

  7. So pleased you’re back! 🙂
    Really hope you manage to shift the lurgy soon!
    But, yay! The J-Bug returns!! 🐞

  8. Wonderful to have you back. You must be careful not to overdue after you have been so ill. You have a loyal following and this will just give us a chance to revisit things you have already posted. I am so glad to hear you are on the mend.

  9. God speed to a full recovery. I hope you are getting pampered with a little chicken soup, ginger tea, good movies and a warm cozy sofa 🙂

  10. Of course we missed you and were concerned, especially when you blog closed, but it”s good to see you back. Take it easy and make sure you are fully recovered before anything else xx

  11. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick, Janet! This is never a fun time of year, further exacerbated by the total and utter lack of sunshine outside, I’m sure.

    On the bright side, you have a very loyal group of followers who love your blog and your FB posts and trust me, we noticed your absence very quickly!

    Take care of yourself, don’t overdo it- I hope your recovery is a speedy one!


  12. Oh Janet–you have friends all over the world! Friends that noticed right away that you were missing from our day. And we worried, because not seeing you online, really shook us up! ❤️

    Its people like you, kind, alwsys,and generous of spirit, that so many of us look for every day.
    How could you think that you could just disappear unoticed? ❤️
    Not possible, my friend. ❤️
    Hope you make a speedy recovery; come back to us, feeling much stronger — and knowing that
    you are well loved! ❤️

  13. Janet, you brighten our day so it is no surprise that you were missed!! Very glad you are beginning to feel better.

    1. OK…maybe I need some rest since I can’t seem to type my name correctly! Maybe I need more coffee LOL
      Sending you warm wishes – DEBORAH 🙂

  14. You’ve definately been missed. You’re a good friend, who is valued!! Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your road to recovery continues. xoxo

  15. Janet, yes we all missed you & I was hoping that you were ok. You have many friends out here in cyber-world, including a very happy and content cat!

      1. Yes, and I also switched food per vet recommendation, for weight loss, so she is more content all around. She got to spend a lot of time with my daughter over the holidays, which also helped.

  16. So glad to see you’re back, Janet, but so sorry to learn that intense illness was the cause. I hope you are fully recovered very soon and that you regain your strength very soon.

    Yes, I think we were surging toward sending Steve Morton with a posse out to do wellness check, as they say in the States. 😉

  17. You were very very missed. I was very worried but felt I should leave you be until you emerged back into the light. So glad to see you back online. If you need to get away, Turkey is lovely in Spring, and I have a comfortable guest room!!

  18. Glad to see you back and feeling a bit better. Love the Nailed It blog post. Hope you are back to 100% soon….take it easy 🙂

  19. We didn’t notice you go… What… there was an all points alarm went out Steve Steve what has happened to Janet… please find out Steve…. !!!!

    Pleased to see you back on line Janet… I was the only viewer of your blog this last week!

    Take care and take it easy and get better, so take your meds and stay warm and safe

    I have missed my partner in skullduggery a lot!

  20. Very happy that you’re back, Janet! I was worried! Never had your kind of flu, but I had a sinus infection once and I just wanted to die and be over with it. Goes to show that I’m never really sick … ! You’ve got my deepest sympathy. Get better soon! <3 <3 <3

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