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I usually leave my hair curly as it is easy – jump out of the shower, shake my head and leave the house! Last week though, I had a cocktail party to go to and I had some time, so I straightened it.

I am not good with hair appliances but with ghd IV straighteners this takes about 15 minutes and it is easy. The bottom picture (while I am eating lunch) was taken after being snowed on and anyone with curly hair will know that any form of moisture makes it blow up like a balloon. I went a bit fluffy and a few kinks developed as you can see, but not bad.

I got these straighteners about 6 years ago at Heathrow. I was on my way to South Africa in early January and a friend had asked me to get her some as they were not available in South Africa. At Urban Retreat in Heathrow they had two pairs left at a big discount plus they were duty free plus they came with a nice freebie set – the straighteners, a purse, a beautiful gold case and mat, and two full size ghd heat care products. I think they were about £80. I got the one set for my friend and the staff at Urban Retreat showed me how to use them by doing half of my hair and getting me to do the other half. Well, I was sold and bought the last remaining pair on the spot. This exact model is still the top selling ghd styler, so that tells you how good they are.

I don’t use them often (three or four times a year) but whenever I do I love it!

This is my natural colour and I have hardly any grey but I think in January I am going to have some colour put into my hair and have at least half of it cut off.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. LOL!! I once went to a hairdresser with a photo of Lady Di and said ‘I want that hair’ and he said ‘lady, I may be a fairy but this comb is not a wand’

  2. My hair is long and straight so I’m the opposite. If I can be bothered, I curl mine. Back in the 80’s I had several of the ubiquitous “rock chick” perms 😀

      1. To tell the truth, I took a photo of Joey Tempest into the hairdressers and said “I want that hair” 😀

  3. I have never used straighteners myself but l have had my hair straightened by a hairdresser many times. Thought it looked beautiful l had to stop having it done as it damaged my hair.

    I am really eager to see you with shorter hair, Janet. I’m sure it will suit you perfectly! You’ll have to post lots of pics!!

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