Using your Filofax to help you lose weight in 2015

You can also use any notebook, planner, journal or Hobonichi to help you along on this path. Good luck! I have put on about 12 pounds/5kg this year so I am going to be using this method again to get my weight down. I am usually bordering on being underweight so I have liked the extra pounds in my face but DEFINITELY not on my waist! I am feeling uncomfortable and my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Wish me luck!

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Losing Weight the Filofax Way Part 2
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Losing Weight the Filofax Way Part 4
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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m surprised you have that much to lose, Janet! You certainly don’t show it. That said, I had my annual check up in December, and technically I am obese because my BMI is .5 over the recommended score! It was suggested that I need to lose 11 kgs, just to bring me into mid-range! I don’t over eat that’s for sure nor would anyone say I am fat, so it will be a struggle, maybe just a few less calories per will do it long term? I hope so, and sympathise with you.

    1. I am 5ft 7½ and usually weigh between 113 and 120 lbs. Now I am 130 lbs and feel like an elephant. I have very small bones and I don’t like feeling anything jiggling or wobbling when I walk or run. Clinically though for my height I am probably well within the proper range.

      1. No such thing as clinically proper–BMI was never, ever designed to be used that way, not by the people who created it. It turned into some health metric that changed arbitrarily over the years to lower the standards of obesity, therefore more and more people are considered obese as time passes.

        The proper range is whatever you feel is right for you–in terms of happiness, comfort, health, or whatever standards you want for your body.

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