Black and White Cats aka Tuxedo Cats

I have always loved black and white cats. I am not sure why because my family always had Siamese cats. Perhaps because my first book had black and white cats in it. And of course you have Postman Pat’s black and white cat, and Sylvester in the comic strip.

If I have been in a position to choose a cat or kitten I have always chosen the black and white one with a Tuxedo pattern. Always. And always a tom. Below you can see a diagram of different black and white on cats with my preferred Tuxedo look.



Often these cats are the hardest to home or rehome because they are seen as ‘ordinary’. But how I love them. At the moment I have two – Fluffy and Paddy. Paddy is 14 years old and Fluffy is 2 years old but they look almost identical

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Gorgeous kitties… tuxedo cats are anything but boring! And always so elegantly dressed for every occasion! 🙂

    We’ve had several tuxedo cats over the years. There was BJ (‘Bruiser Junior’), my beautiful boy, all 8Kg of him, who thought I was his human and followed me around; sadly he’s no longer with us. There was his sister Smudge (shorthair) and his other sister Peeps (semi-longhair), both also now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

    These days, there’s Toby, who is an adopted stray who follows me around much like BJ used to; we feed an outdoor cat we call Archie, who we are fairly certain is BJ’s half-brother and who is getting a bit elderly these days. We have Splodge, who grew into her name – she was originally called that because she had a splodge of black under her chin, but after she had her kittens she put on a *lot* of weight 🙂 ; there are also two almost-tuxedo cats, Obi and Wan, who are two of Splodge’s kittens – their sire is a Havana (think Siamese, but the colour of a bar of milk chocolate all over), which makes them half-oriental almost-tuxedo cats. They inherited their dam’s colouring, and we called them Obi and Wan because they’re almost identical except that Wan has *One* white front leg (the sleeve of her tux is rolled up on one side) while Obi hasn’t. It helps that we’re crazy Star Wars fans too. 🙂

    …and yes, if you are reading between the lines, we have kept all the kittens from a litter from each of two different cats. As we were in charge when the pregnancies occurred, we kind of took responsibility for the results although we weren’t directly responsible for them and in most cases were making arrangements to prevent them… but the moggies managed to sneak around us – they can be very very determined and devious!

      1. um… not small? Bear in mind we bought the place over 20 years ago, when property was cheaper, and we definitely got it cheap even then because the previous owners were emigrating to Cyprus in a hurry. Technically we have 5 ‘bedrooms’ although actually only two of them are used as actual bedrooms. Both my partner and I work from home, so we have two ‘offices’ in the building etc. But it’s definitely not small. Probably a good thing, with 6 dogs and (currently) 14 cats… 🙂

  2. Beautiful cats! I love how their paws are touching in so many of the photos…denotes a very close, trusting bond.

  3. We were just looking at these pictures of your kitties. We had a tuxedo cat for years, her name was Melania but we always called her Miss. Kitty as of the TV program “Gunsmoke.” She was lovely. Miss her!

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