The Coke campaign with names on the bottles

I have written before how some names do not translate well across countries. This one, on a Swedish Coke bottle would not raise eyebrows. But it probably would in Anglo Saxon countries.



One that did warm my heart though was this one. My beautiful gorgeous former student and colleague and very dear friend Angie got married to her beloved Johan two weeks ago.

Photo by Peter Atterbury
Photo by Peter Atterbury

And look what they found a few months before that. Not photoshopped!

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Yes, Gill, and it’s quite a modern thing too, this twist on ordinary and common words. My mother who was 97 when she died last year, had been brought up in a more innocent era. She would think nothing of describing, quite loudly, and in public, that a young man singing along to his iPod, was very “gay”. She couldn’t see what was wrong, and thought modern interpretations of innocent words were stupid.

  2. Is it purely an English thing do you know? Your knowledge of local language(s) is far superior to mine. Probably wouldn’t raise eyebrows in the USA either. I guess there they would sell them at football or baseball games, for folks to show their allegiance?

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