What’s in my bag today: Brown Furla Tote


My carry today is slightly different from what I usually carry. Now that it is summer here in Sweden, the nature of my work has changed from 7 or so meetings every day and rushing from place to place to working on two big projects and being able to stay in the same place.

This is my brown Furla tote – the leather has to be seen to be believed. It is so soft and pebbly. The bag is also nice to carry as the handles are soft and don’t dig into your shoulder. Plus they are the perfect length.

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPad
  • Vasuma Sunglasses
  • Vasuma Glasses
  • Tissue Holder
  • Ramos pen holder
  • Waterman Carene pencil (black and gold) and ballpoint pen (blue and gold)
  • Skull mirror
  • Stimorol gum
  • 2 sets of keys
  • Parliament ID card
  • Fulton Mini Umbrella
  • Harrods Union Jack makeup bag
  • Wine zipped Holborn in personal size
  • Hobonichi planner with Robin’s Egg Blue Cover
  • Seven Seas notebook with Gfeller Skirting Leather cover
  • Book – The Past is Myself by Christabel Bielenberg
  • Not shown: scarf, iPhone headphones, Elle magazine

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6 replies

  1. It is just beautiful!!


  2. Hi Janet, I am new to your blogging! I love your Furla handbag! What style is it? I would love to have one, I think it is beautiful!!


  3. Good book, I specially like the bit where … oh better not be a spoiler 🙂


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