Nanami Paper: in praise of Dave


This is the true colour - toasty and warm
This is the true colour – toasty and warm

Everything I review I buy myself, just as any other customer would. So for me the shopping experience is part of the package so to speak. So often the shopping experience is lacking, leaving you feeling flat and frustrated, no matter how good the product. Not enough companies these days see the value of good customer service, unfortunately. That is why I praise those who offer it.

Dave from Nanami Paper is one of those wonderful shopping experiences that deserves praise. He offers fantastic products from Japan, as well as his own design – the brilliant Seven Seas Notebook. But even better is his service. As busy as he must be, he is always at the other end of an email, ready to answer any questions with patience and heart. I was in the position the other day of thinking of another question just as I had sent the previous email so he was receiving volleys of questions from me. He answered each one with humor and enthusiasm. Thank you Dave!

Just to say two things at the end of this post – Nanami is closed from 28th June to 19th July so if you want to order, it may be best to order now.

And, in good news, their kip and skirting leather covers are back in stock! These would also fit a Hobonichi Cousin cover.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I too have a Seven Seas journal and it’s just brilliant. You’re so right about Dave’s customer service – he’s one of the rare few who takes the time to interact with his customers.

  2. I totally agree Janet, Dave’s customer service is brilliant. My order got to the UK in 3 days and arrived in perfect condition due to excellent packaging, wouldn’t hesitate to order from him again!

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