Filofax Zipped Personal Holborn in Wine

I have a pocket Holborn in Wine which I love. I bought it mainly for the lovely squishy soft leather. I had been feeling them all up for ages but suddenly on the shelf was one which felt and looked irresistible. It had to be mine! *evil cackle*

I have been looking for a while for a zipped Wine Holborn in Personal size. They are not widely available anymore (although Filofax Italy has them on their site) but do pop up regularly on sales sites in new condition. I keep missing them though. Saved eBay searches usually do not pick up Buy It Now items or items which sell really quickly.

Yesterday Anamarija (the superwoman of finding rarities online!) sent me a link to one on Buy It Now in the UK. And I pounced. Cannot wait to get it – hope it is as nice and soft as my pocket.

Here are the photos from eBay. Watch out for a reveal when it arrives!







Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I have been searching all over for this. I have a sad pile of planner pages I am using alone held together with a paperclip while I search for this. Will use it as a wallet with my everyday planner inside. It’s so beautiful and fully agree the Holborn has the best set up of them all!

    1. It is a lovely binder. I sold mine last year and kept my Cuban zip instead because that has 30mm rings and the Holborn only has 25. But the Holborn leather is much much nicer.

  2. I can’t understand why the Holborns were discontinued. In my opinion they have the best interior layout of any Filofax I’ve seen. I have it in three sizes but wish they were all the same color for a set. It’s the perfect Filofax for travel with all of those awesome pockets. I wish they would start back producing them. If they made a few in pink or purple they would fly off the shelves…. I would love to have complete set in brown and wine, they are beautiful.

  3. I was so grateful when a very sweet lady posted her snap closure wine Holborn on Philofaxy a couple months ago for a reasonable price which offset postage. It’s like you’ve said (and it stopped me in my tracks and got me off a ridiculous merry-go-round the first time you wrote it), wait patiently and it will turn up. I couldn’t sleep one night and was looking at email and checked Adspot after reading a Philofaxy post. She was in the UK and had just posted it. I’m sure that it would have been gone if I’d slept through the night and not seen it until the next day. It is a great binder. May I ask why you prefer the zipped version?

    1. Yes it is indeed true that patience gets you what you want in the end.

      I have a zipped Cuban and now a Zipped Holborn. I like the 30mm rings in the Cuban (which is why I bought it) and also that you can just throw everything inside and zip it up. I work under extreme time restraints and seldom have time to put pens back in the loops and papers in the side pockets, so I can just scoop all my papers off the desk, throw all the pens in and be ready to go in as much time as it takes to close the zip.

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