Why is forbidden love so wonderful? On the horns of a dilemma

I have always loved the Modalu Pippa handbag. I love handbags with pockets on the sides and a zippered central compartment, as is evidenced by my Chloe Elvire and Francesco Biasia Barbera bags. I love heavy duty metal zippers as well.

Chloe Elvire
Chloe Elvire
Francesco Biasia Barbera
Francesco Biasia Barbera

The Pippa is very similar but doesn’t look so bulky and is much lighter. I have loved it for ages but have never bought one due to the very low wages paid to the workers who make these bags. They are not made in sweatshops or by child labour, but the workers who made them are paid £1 per day – and they could make perhaps three per day. I cannot accept such high prices for an item where the labour is paid so little.

Anyway, last Friday the NK sale started in Stockholm and they had quite a few large Pippas on 40% discount. I posted about them on Facebook and two people asked me to buy bags for them. I usually don’t mind but I have been having some problems lately with people wanting me to buy things immediately and then wait for payment so I was a bit reluctant. Particularly as NK does not accept returns on sale items. So I said no.

I went back to check whether they were there and they were all gone except two – a Shark with gold hardware and a Mink with silver hardware. I had a look and they were so beautiful. Contacted the person who wanted the Shark and asked if she still wanted it. She said yes. So I got it.

Brought it home and had a good look. The fantastic leather. The gorgeous gold hardware – including heavy duty gold metal zippers. The lightness and neatness of it all. The spacious interior which took A4 with no problem. The fact that it matched my favorite boots and bracelet at the moment.

Having a great time looking at this beauty. Very guilty about wanting it so badly. And about to say goodbye to it tomorrow!

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photo 3-1


photo 2-1

photo 1-1

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I agree about the wages issue. However nice a bag is, it would spoil it for me that someone had been financially abused in the making of it. As for people asking a favour and then making you wait for the money, words fail me.


  2. Ohhhhh another group I need to join I guess. Thank you, I think. 😉
    Tsk tsk to those slow payers. No excuse for taking advantage of someone’s generosity like that. I have had the same problem but now never purchase anything for someone until the funds are in my PayPal acct. I used to always be extremely accommodating until running into that kind of thing and other issues with buyers. Now the buyer pays for the item and all extra fees upfront. After all, you are using your time and/or fuel to provide a service for which you are not being paid. It should be taken for granted that the buyer pays for any money you have to spend.

  3. Ahhh – those boots are fabulous! As I just opened your post to read I had my other hand stuck inside my shark Pippa reaching for my planner. (I know by now that I often need to jot something down while reading your blog.) I didn’t know about the low wages for workers but fortunately I got mine for a bargain price as well. I absolutely love this bag – honestly as much or more than any I have owned that cost much more. Besides being fairly lightweight it is incredibly functional, has a delicious leather scent and feels heavenly. Which Facebook group did you post about these bags?

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