…and Wolf’s half-brother, also from Blygedacht Boerboels


The now-9 week old Whosa King Arthur is out of GrootGeluk Femoes and Pancer Tabitha (Wolf’s mother)

This gorgeous pup has an impressive Impressive pedigree with Avontuur Anton on both sides, Piet zyn Drift Ulli, GrootGeluk Catherina, GrootGeluk Czapei, Altyd Nandi, Ysterberg Tosca, Welbekend Tyson, Corma Buks, Ysterberg Troffel, Vanderbijl Bullet, Nostras Zulu..

Isn’t this an absolutely gorgeous pup?











Wolf’s mother Pancer Tabitha @ 16 months (Piet zyn Drift Ullie x GrootGeluk Catherina)
Wolf and King Arthur’s mother Pancer Tabitha @ 16 months (Piet zyn Drift Ullie x GrootGeluk Catherina)
King Arthur’s father, Groot Geluk Femoes (Father: GrootGeluk Czapei (Avontuur Anton x Blokkie Raisa) Mother: Altyd Nandi (Welbekend Tyson x Ysterberg Tosca)

So many people are ‘into’ Boerboels now just because they are trendy. And in many ways, this is not good for the breed. But Miriam Koopen of Blygedacht Boerboels, has known first-hand the Boerboel greats and the heritage of the breed, and her Boerboels are wonderful. Just looking at her photographs of her carefully bred dogs running free makes my heart sing. When you see photos of the great Boerboels interacting with Miriam you can see how they took to her immediately because they knew she understood them. Miriam has the most amazing photographs of Boerboels from ‘way back when’. As a South African who grew up with Boerboels before they were even a breed, I am truly grateful for people like these who are taking us into the next stage and are ambassadors and guardians for these wonderful dogs.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Goodness those paws are big… And what a stance – at nine weeks!! Definitely an alpha dog in the making…

  2. He ia absolutely handsome. Who ever gets this baby will be lucky. What a prize!

    1. I think Blygedacht may be keeping him Barb – and I don’t blame them as he is an absolute beauty!

      One of the perks of breeding is you can keep your favorites!

  3. What a beautiful dog, makes me just want to pick him up and -squeeeeez- him. I would have named him Boots.

      1. I have a 15 year old tabby cat with boots in the back and mittens on the front…. Soooooo cute.

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