Noodler’s Stockholm Indigo Ink

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I was so delighted to finally buy some of this ink. It has been around for a while and must be heading for its sell-by date because it was 15% off. I like indigo blue, I work at the Swedish Parliament (which is pictured on the bottle) and am a Noodler’s fan. It is a worldwide exclusive to NK.

It is described as Stockholm Indigo can be determined as a unique ink within seconds at any forensics or crime lab worldwide…right down to the bottle – it is a completely unique security ink that has specific light reflective properties and permanence that is unlike any other upon the globe – thus a “specific” security ink.

My pens are all full of ink at the moment so I used a tissue to dab some on paper and it did indeed look like this sample from INDEXED at The Fountain Pen Network.


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