My Filofax Cake!! A post by Natalie

My love of Filofax is a relatively new obsession. I have always been into crafting/card making and scrapbooking and it’s been something that my mother and I have been able to enjoy together for a long time.

When I moved into my first house last year I decided that I needed to get ORGANISED!! I couldn’t rely on my mother to remind me of family birthdays every month so with that and my need to organize myself and my partner’s work schedules I needed a FILOFAX!!

So with that in the January sales I purchased my first Personal sized Finsbury. Mom was soon on the bandwagon as well and she purchased a personal sized cover story to journal into and over collections started.

We regularly meet at each other’s houses to have ‘planner parties’.


Anyway…fast forward to May 7th and it’s my birthday. I had a lovely relaxed day and a lovely surprise meal planned by my boyfriend and all my family were invited. The end of the night came and the waitress brought over my cake to place it down on the table and reveal this BEAUTY!!

Filofax Cake

This is hands down the best cake that my mother has made to date. She has always made our birthday cakes since we were children depending on what our favourite thing was that year and this year was no different. She cheated slightly this year and the actual cake base was store-bought, but the decorating was all her own imagination and handiwork. She used ready-to-roll icing to make the pages, and shaped them around a rolling pin to make the pages. She used edible ink to draw the week on two pages layout and made flowers from sugar paste to decorate the pages. The only thing that I’ve had to remove was the sticker and the washi tape, as they were real. My sister even found some old binder rings to make the finishing touches.

So there you have it – my Filofax cake. I hope you all enjoy its beauty; I still haven’t cut it, as I’m busy showing everyone that visits how lovely it is.

Finally hats off to my amazing mom who always puts in that extra mile on our birthdays regardless of our age. Every year she manages to make us smile. She really is the best mom ever!!

Thank you Natalie for the wonderful post. And thank you Natalie’s mom for the wonderful cake which will now be shared with thousands of Filofax lovers worldwide!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Your mom is the bomb! How rockin is this??!! Happy Belated birthday! Wish I could have been a guest. Tfs

  2. How awesome is this??? Not only did you get a fantastic cake, but you also have planner parties!

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