On the Way Part 4 – Smythson Manuscript Book.

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I love my Smythson large manuscript books. They are big yet light and the paper and stitching can stand up to almost anything. I have them in

  • black with clasp and light blue lining
  • emerald green croc print with burgundy lining
  • lapis lazuli lizard print with royal blue lining
  • turquoise croc print with coral lining

and use them all the time.

  • The black one holds old client notes and is full though I refer to it all the time. You can see how well used it is.
  • The emerald one is my scrap book and holds notes, photographs, cuttings, cards and letters
  • The lapis one holds new client notes and is about half full. Quite battered now but this is a stunning book.
  • The turquoise one holds mementoes from trips and travel.

They are pricey so I never buy them full-price. I buy on seasonal sales (December and June) and in duty free shops. That way I get them for at least half price.

I have a standing eBay search for these books but they do not often pop up. eBay searches are notoriously unreliable as they do not pick up Buy It Now offers and miss many of the auctions, even though I have several searches with all the key word combinations I could think of.

Anyway, this one popped up the other day. I set my snipe low and what do you know – I won it!

Good thing as I am on my last manuscript book so this one will be waiting when another one gets finished.

Will do a reveal when I get it!



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