Pocket and Personal Fresco Filofaxes

These are really nice binders for anyone who is a bit nervous of leather being scratched, scuffed or damaged – or anyone who does not use leather for ethical reasons. The textile on these binders will not show dirt, scuffs or mild stains and should hold up to pretty intensive wear.

I have always liked these – they are made of canvas-like material, and are in faded retro colours on the outside cover and dividers. On the inside is a very unexpected pop of colour in the form of bright cherries. I like the juxtaposition.

The stylized retro art featured on the cover is very reminiscent of the pictures in my parents’ photograph albums.

The dividers in these organizers are nice and thin, meaning they take up less space. I also like that they complement the colour scheme of the binders.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet! I’m a new fan of your blog. I’m leaving my first comment to thank you for helping me choose my very first Filofax! I found the Fresco on clearance at FF Australia but didn’t know what the inside looked like. Your posts came up in a Google search and I was hooked, on the Fresco and your blog! I managed to snag a Pocket Fresco, the Personal size are sold out. I thought of you when I arrived home from work to find the parcel waiting on my patio. Thanks again!

    If any of your readers are looking for the Fresco, FF Australia still has the Pocket for just $11.49 USD: https://www.filofaxshop.com.au/products.php?product=Filofax-Fresco-Pocket-Organiser

  2. Would love to find these… Love the camping motif as we plan on being Full Time RVers by next year.

  3. Very different but lovely! I have never seen that style before. Love the illustrations.

  4. I love my personal size Fresco as a camping journal. I honestly think it has better rings than my Malden. If I ever get it completely organized I will do a video on it. I’m jealous of the pocket size, I don’t have it. Do you know if they made an A5? I’ve never seen an A5 in the textile binders.

    1. I don’t think they did make an A5, which is a pity really. And please let me know if you do a video of yours – would love to see it!

    1. And I don’t often say this but these beauties are even more beautiful in real life. The colours are absolutely amazing and the tones of the dividers just set them off to perfection!

      1. Love these would love to track one down any suggestions ? Thanks Sue

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