Campomaggi Gaetano Bracelets

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The best place to buy Campomaggi is Marcopoloni – the service is really second to none. Emi and Daniele make every moment shopping with them a pleasure. I have bought my Campomaggi bags and Gaetano bracelets from them. I have very small wrists and each Campomaggi item is different so Emi tries on all the Gaetano bracelets I like herself (we have, luckily, the same size wrists) to check that they will fit me.

The bracelets above are (from left to right): white, blue and green.

Each bracelet is in a box with a cotton pouch and a tag.
Each bracelet is in a box with a cotton pouch and a tag.

The way Campomaggi is made is that each item is treated (washed, dyed and distressed) AFTER having been assembled. So the end-product is very individual. The Campomaggi Gaetano bracelets above are both regular (the white and the blue) and shorter (the green) in size but they all fit my wrist perfectly. When you look at the bracelets in their shop, the one you see in the photograph is the one you will receive. And there is only one of each so if you like something, pounce, because there will never be another one.

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The little ladybug keyring was a surprise gift hiding at the bottom of the parcel and it really made my day. I have had an awful week and this just put a huge smile on my face. I had fallen in love with it but only found it after my order had been shipped. They even have cats! And snails! And strawberries! What wonderful gifts these would make. See the whole selection here – the little bags have fully functioning buckles!

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