Using Violet Akiko Binder from Kikosattic on Etsy

I have been totally in love with this binder since I laid eyes on it. Have carried it everywhere! I decided to use this for something special and rather different (for me anyway).

  • My A5 Filofaxes have always been for work and private administration. They hold all the documents, accounts, long-term to do lists, and important papers that I need to hand.
  • My personal Filofaxes have always been my wallet and for day to day things – cards, money, spare key, usb, tokens for the supermarket shopping trolleys, discount vouchers, business cards, daily to do lists and my booking and appointment schedule.
  • I only have one mini Filofax (a teal Baroque) and that one I use when I travel. It holds all my travel information, a small version of my calendar and to dos for the place I am visiting.

This pocket is for special things to do with me. I have a tendency to work too hard and be too hard on myself so this one is a ‘me’ binder.

It contains:

  • wish lists for beauty products I want to try, clothes I would like to buy and anything else in the ‘treat’ department that has to do with spoiling myself.
  • records of weight, exercise and sleep goals so that I can be sure I am looking after myself properly
  • motivational quotes
  • cuttings of ‘treat’ products I want to try

I don’t ever baby anything I own. I buy them to use and I use them. I don’t mistreat them and I take good care of them but they have to be able to work for me. I never carry my Filofax in a dust bag – I can’t because I use it as a wallet, to hold my ID and in each meeting – I pull it out on the run all day every day.

But this binder I am keeping in a dust bag as I do not use it in the same way as I use my others and it is so beautiful. I have it in a Lola Rose bag – I got one of my Lola Rose bracelets in this pouch.

photo 1
I have the little purse attached as a charm now. It holds my rubber, sharpener, spare leads and little pencil

photo 4-4

photo 1
You can see the beautiful workmanship and scales on this violet snake leather
photo 3-4
Each scale on the leather has been handmade. Each stitch on the binder has been hand sewn. The only tool used in the making of this organizer was a knife.
you can choose different shapes for the hardware - stars, hearts, diamonds or flowers. I chose flowers
you can choose different shapes for the hardware – stars, hearts, diamonds or flowers. I chose flowers. This leather is oiled so durable


Is that not utterly stunning?
Is that not utterly stunning?


Qimmis Cupcake inserts
Qimmis Cupcake inserts


Lacey envelope containing a teeny weeny business card
Lacey envelope containing a teeny weeny business card




Qimmi peony year planner
Qimmi peony year planner


Lavender Filofax Paper
Lavender Filofax Paper

photo 4

photo 3
Violet Filofax paper with lists of treats
photo 2
Gillio grid paper – it has tiny squares so I use a 0.25mm gel pen in black at the moment but will switch to violet and green when they arrive
photo 3-1
Keeping it safe in a Lola rose dustcover
photo 4-1
This dustcover is for one of my Lola Rose bracelets made of shell and jade.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 thoughts

  1. Sooooo gorgeous! And using the purse as a charm/holder is a brilliant idea. Ahem, I might have ordered a second purse last night …

    I’m interesting by how you use your different-sized planners. I haven’t bothered with A5 in the past, but I think it’s going to be for professional stuff. I have a Dodo household folder to keep specific info together, plus a personal for birthdays, useful contacts and items such as driving licence and Oystercard which tend to go walkabout.

    I want to make sure Akikio’s binders – at the moment I am almost too scared to touch them, which is crazy! So using them as ‘me’ folders is a very neat idea.

  2. Absolutely beautiful…inside, outside and even the Lola Rosa dust bag.
    Was hoping to see “Sell A5 Malden Vintage Pink/Antique Rose” on your to-do list…:)

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