My two favourite scrubs


I like rough facial scrubs. I use them once or twice a week and I like to feel them scrubbing. I don’t like gentle refining polishers at all.

I have been told all my life that harsh scrubbing is not good for your skin. But I figure that at the age of 52, daily baking in the African sun without any sunscreen, and yo yo dieting in my teens and twenties did worse things for my skin than any scrub ever did.

Of the two, I prefer Aapri but St Ives is easier to find. I love it. If I can find neither of these two, I like Clinique 7-day scrub cream.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Ooh – I haven’t had a decent rough facial scrub in ages – I think I may have to try to get one today. I used to get told off for using the Body Shop body scrub gloves on my face, but it just feels so great 🙂

      1. Another good range, which is hard to find in the UK, is the ‘Yes to …’ range. There’s a choice of cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes! The ‘Yes to cucumbers’ range is the nicest, but doesn’t have a scrub – or not that I’ve found. The carrot scrub is pretty good.

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