Setup of Blue Personal Sized Cavendish with 30mm rings

I moved into this binder yesterday. After being in my ostrich for months and after my Gillio Skorpion proved to be defective, it was just crying to be used.

What a pleasure to be in a nice, plain, sturdy, workhorse binder with 30mm rings that close tight as drums. It is unisex, neutral and businesslike. And the layout means it can be used as a wallet. The nicest thing is the zipper across the back – all my coins and spare keys can go in there. Sweden only has 3 different coin denominations and most of the money is in notes so I don’t carry much change with me.

photo 3-5
Smooth, soft leather with button popper
photo 2-5
Full-length outside concealed zipper with teeth and tag in the same colour as the binder.
photo 3-8
Notes in the flap pocket to the right which holds them nice and snug.
photo 1-5
Lots of credit card pockets on the left and a Filofax mirror on the right. This means I don’t have to carry one in my bag and you can also look at it without looking vain. People just think you are checking an appointment or something!
photo 1-9
Two pen holders
photo 5-5
Spine view – this blue one is in the middle

photo 4-7

Personals with 30mm rings - Cavendishes and Portland
Top View

photo 2-15
photo 1-15

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Try bouteia on eBay – they have been selling two or so a week lately. They do go for higher prices, though two were sold in the UK this past week for only £50 each. Where are you located?

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