Journal 10+ Reveal

I started using my burgundy leather Journal 10+ yesterday. Wow, what a wonderful book!

It is a rather strange size but I like it – a bit big to be portable but considering it is going to hold 11 years’ information it is pretty compact.

The cover is soft and flexible and a gorgeous deep burgundy. On the first pages are an index and some instructions on how to use it. You can pretty much use it any way you want, but the instructions give some great ideas.

Because it holds 11 years of journalling, it runs from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2024. There is a 12 year calendar at the front and each date in the journal has the day of the week as well.

Each day has four lines – which is a perfect number if you are daunted by larger spaces. For pages that need more than four lines, there are carry-on pages at the end of the book. There is a on each day’s space for you to write the page number of the corresponding carry-over page.

There are also pages for medical, addresses, birthdays, contact details.

You could actually keep one of these for each of your children (as long as you don’t have many of them because then it would likely be a chore), to record special moments as they grow up, to be given to them as a special gift afterwards.

Or you could keep it as a diet, fitness, health journal to record blood pressure, weight, tests, symptoms.

Or a financial record, with upcoming policy maturation or due dates. The possibilities are endless.

carry-over pages
Carry-over pages

photo 3-1
photo 5-2
photo 5-1
photo 4-1
photo 2-2
photo 1-2
photo 2-3

Longterm planning page
Longterm planning page
Directions, instructions and suggestions
Directions, instructions and suggestions
Fluffy helpfully holding cover closed
Fluffy helpfully holding cover closed
Burgundy Journal 10+ with A5 Flex notebook for size comparison
Burgundy Journal 10+ with A5 Flex notebook for size comparison
Green and burgundy Journal 10+
Green and burgundy Journal 10+

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Wow! One of the reasons I stopped journaling on paper back in 1998 was because I hated having to switch books once one journal was filled up. No worries there with this one! And what a lovely book too! 🙂

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