Filofax stickers and hole reinforcers

I don’t decorate my Filofax pages. All I have in my binder at any one time is one month past, the present month and two months ahead.

I use my diary pages only for my bookings. They can get full and messy, despite me using Frixions which can be erased. I enter all my bookings into a computer system as they happen and at the end of the month I double check the bookings in the system against my diary before they are invoiced. Once that is done I throw the pages away. Same with my to dos – at the end of each week I transfer any undone to dos to a new page and toss the old one.

I have recently started putting a strip washi on any ‘me time’ that I have set aside. It is bright and cheeful and makes me smile when I see it. Other than that, my pages are pretty dull.

One thing I do use though are Filofax stickers – these chappies:

Filofax brand stickers

Filofax brand stickers

I use them to denote paydays, medical and dental appointments, reminders if I have to take medication, birthdays, holidays, business lunches, trips and so on. These stickers I like because it saves having to write things out. They are not very exciting for me that is not their purpose.

I also use plain white reinforcing rings. However, today I did a search for reinforcing rings and found these reinforcing rings AND cute little task stickers. Aren’t they gorgeous! Now these I could actually imagine myself using. But then how would I manage to throw any pages away! Details about where you can get them come after the pics.





Are they not absolutely gorgeous! My favourites are the nesting doll and cat/bear hole reinforcer stickers. But the bears are also cute. There are also some with cakes and cookies on – probably not ideal if you are using them in a diet Filofax, but then there are fruit ones which would be great for that!

These stickers are from KawaiiTokyo on Etsy – shipping looks pretty reasonable but it would probably be good to buy a few things at a time. She also has lovely stencils and other stationery in her shop so it would not be hard to create a nice little order.

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2 replies

  1. So cute!! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Pretty hole reinforcers – who knew? Adorable, and useful 🙂


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