Standard Memorandum Notebooks by Jon Contino

Inspired by pocket journals from the early to mid 1900’s, The Standard Memorandum is designed to chronicle a year of your life. Word. has teamed up with designer and illustrator, Jon Contino, to create a modern version of this storied notebook. The Standard Memorandum is laid out so you simply jot down a line or two every day for a year and are left with a memento you can save or pass down. The project began after Jon discovered his wife’s great-grandfather’s pocket journals from the early 1900’s that basically recreated what his life was like. Born out of a desire to start doing this himself, Jon partnered with Word. Notebooks to create a journal like the ones he found. The Standard Memorandum is that journal.

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Now tell me that does not make you want to rush out and buy a gazillion of these gorgeous little books. Especially with the light tan leather cover!

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