My love/hate relationship with the A5

A5 Classic left, Personal Classic right
A5 Classic left, Personal Classic right

I do indeed have a love/hate relatioship to the A5. A5 is perfect for me because:

  • Big enough to write full-size
  • I can fold A4 paper in half, punch it, fold it and put it in my A5
  • It holds a lot
  • I can put articles in the clear sheets


  • it is big
  • it is heavy

There is no getting around the fact that after carrying it around for 12 hours, it feels like a brick and I hate it.

Does anyone else have this dilemma?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I use an a5 and cart it round with me in my very large handbag. I have now been doing this for about 8/9 months and gotten used to it. However, I now also plan accordingly and arrange to not have it with me, leave it in the car, get my other half to pick it up etc if I am out for a long day or out after work and just have my pocket with me.

  2. Hi, there. =)

    I resisted buying A5 because they felt so heavy in the store. The “Apex” went on sale on Filofax USA and I thought, “oh, maybe it’s lighter-weight!” And then I clicked and saw it was sold out. =(. Hahaha.

    Do you write small? Maybe a solution could be dividing the A5 pages into quadrants or something? Then you could carry less paper.

    Cheers. =)

  3. I have just gone completely into a classic sized FC with 1.25″ rings (31.75mm). It may be large, it may be heavy, but I need the space. I don’t walk around with it, it goes in a tote bag from car to workspace or sits on my desk at home. There are pockets for index cards so I keep all my shopping lists on those and just tuck them in the wallet when I go. Also, I am not worried about leaving it in the car when I shop because I have no sensitive information in it. It’s 100% notes, lists and planning. I got away from the idea that I had to have all data with me all the time. It’s great to have all that room to write.

  4. Oh yes!!
    I’ve recently moved back to just personal size due partly to this dilemma. I’d love to use A5 as my sole binder, but the weight & bulkiness is a real issue for me. It’s meant that in the past, I’ve just left my filo at home & sorely missed it. Love that I can easily fit personal size in my bag & happily carry it around all day.

  5. I have tries A5 Malden first, but it was too heavy, then I switched to an A5 Calipso, it was better because of smaller rings, but still too heavy. I took out all the paper I didn’t need, and ended with an A5 planner without rings that I made myself! This was heaven! Not heavy at all! !! I used it for 3 weeks, and switched to … a personal franklin covey!!!!!

  6. Oh, yeah!!!!! I really, really, really want to use an A5 (classic FC actually) because of all the pros you listed. But I get stuck on the cons you listed and those seem like deal breakers. I keep going back to the smaller size (compact FC) but I know I would be happier overall if I used the larger size. I have a LOT of stuff to keep track of and the smaller size just can’t do it.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that once I switch back to the larger size, I’m more creative. I don’t exactly know why but I suspect it has something to do with the extra space.

  7. I love my A5 for the ability to have everything all in one place. I’ve been tempted to try a Personal size, but alas, I’m attached to my A5 and love her so! :0)

  8. I’m the same, I’ve got a lovely teal A5 that’s absolutely perfect… but there’s no way I could carry it around all day. I’ve even had to downsize my personal pennybridge as I can’t carry that around all the time either. If only it was possible to get a lightweight A5 🙁

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