Post No. 5 for The University Project

Loretta is back with her fifth post for The University Project! She’s even spoiled us with a video!

So here it is, my final blog post for the series- although don’t worry I am already planning on doing a recap post at the end of my semester to show how my setup has evolved over the course of the first term.

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This week I woke up with my Filofax tucked up into bed next to me with no idea how it had got there! Clearly I had decided that some midnight planning was in order!

In honour of this last post I have had a go at making my first ‘What’s in my Filofax video’, it’s a bit shaky and I am coming down with a cold so there is a fair amount of background sniffing, but nonetheless it’s all mine and I am rather proud of it.

This past week my course has been rather intense and I got to the point where I had had enough and just wanted to leave and find a real job, but after a visit from my lovely boyfriend and coming home for a long weekend I am feeling much calmer about it all and ready to tackle the workload and rest of the semester and undoubtedly my organiser will be invaluable in aiding me with that.

Due to my lack of motivation for the course this week, I haven’t got round to adding the reading record section to my Filofax that I mentioned in my last post but it is definitely on the to do list and I should have it done by my recap post. After getting overwhelmed with my work this week I decided that it would be a good idea if I had a new hobby that I could distract myself with and so I have taken up crocheting, so far I can just about do a chain stitch and a single stitch but I am hopeful that I will get the hang of it soon and so I am planning on adding a crochet/hobby section to my organiser to keep track of my projects and stitches I have learnt etc.

As my amount of timetabled work decreases over the next few weeks I am considering making my own timetable so to speak so that I limit the amount of procrastination that I do and as this will be more flexible I don’t really want to write it on my diary pages and so I am currently considering different options that will meet my needs- at present I am thinking of using small post it notes on my diary pages so that non time tabled tasks can be rearranged if needs be.

I can’t thank Janet enough for enabling me to use an A5 sized organiser for my studies as last year I really struggled trying to fit everything into a personal and with an increased workload this year, I am very doubtful that it would have sufficed this year. Although I have been using my Pocket Chameleon as my handbag organiser, the majority of my planning takes place in my A5 Burde and I am finding that it is much simpler to make my own inserts for the A5 organiser and it is also much more practical for adding important letters into it where needed.

Without receiving this organiser I never would have discovered the Burde brand which I am now in love with! Their column diary pages make planning so much simpler and many of their other inserts such as their Finance ones (you can see these in the video) rival their Filofax alternatives and I feel they are much more suited to my needs as, taking the example of Finances, I simply need to know my incomings and outgoings and don’t have other spending means such as credit cards.

I am so heavily reliant on my Filofax organisers for keeping track of my lectures, work, finances and day to day life that I really struggle to understand how those who don’t have an organiser, or at the very least a diary, manage to keep on top of their work? Perhaps these are the people who rely on just the online timetable or other digital means of planning but I can’t help wonder what happens when they run out of battery or are in an area without signal. So my advice for anybody at university, or about to go is to at the very least get yourself a paper based diary (you can get them at poundshops!) in order to keep track of your work and general schedule.

Finally I would like to thank everybody that has read these posts and those who have left comments, before starting this project I had never blogged before and I have been overwhelmed by the response I have received both on this blog and over on my personal blog!

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