A Midori Christmas

Full size brown Midori TN with case, pouch, cover, insert and spare elastic. This is going to be a gift for someone special

I bought a Midori Traveler’s Notebook last week as a Christmas gift for someone (I tend to buy gifts as and when I see things I know someone would like) – a full sized Travel Notebook in brown leather from The Journal Shop. I bought a spare set of elastics and one refill but he can allow it to develop with him and with his life.

While I was there I bought a Star Edition passport size Midori for myself.  I have four passports so I am hoping to find a way of holding more than one when I travel. I have heard that passports do not fit in them but the Journal Shop said they do. We will see when they arrive. Together with the Star Edition I ordered two charms and one spare set of elastics.

At the same time I have ordered a full-sized brown ‘Raydori’ from Ray Blake who runs My Life All in One Place. It is going to have my name on it.

I love A5 and Personal sized Filofaxes and use them every single day to organise my work and my life.  But when I travel I use only a small calendar (usually a mini Paperblanks, tiny Moleskine, or mini Filofax) and my passports. I take no complicated organisational system at all because I don’t need it. Hopefully Midoris will turn out to be a functional and flexible way of organising and recording my trips. And they will be able to take a battering and start to develop nicks and scuffs that are a story of a life well-lived.

The Star Edition Midori Notebook, to commemorate 5 years of the passport size Midori Traveler’s notebook
Case, pouch, camel Star Edition passport sized Midori TN, insert, spare elastic and ticket for the Star ferry, valid until 31 December 2013
Buoy Charm for the Star Edition
Brass Plate to adorn the Star Edition Midori




Below you can see the leather case in which I presently carry my passports. It holds only two of the four but is very pretty. I also use, when travelling, passport notebooks. Hopefully these will nicely incorporate into my Midori system once it starts to evolve.

The leather case is made of recycled leather and buttons and lined with vintage fabric. It comes from Dazed Dorothy on Etsy. The passport notebooks I buy wherever I can find them.

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  1. Please let us know if your passports fit. I’m always looking for ways to carry multiple passports: my daughter’s and mine. All told I have 4 too.

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