How I use my Gillio A5 Mia Cara

My Mia Cara is my one Filofax for everything. Every Sunday I go through it and archive everything I have finished and get it ready for the next week.  Which is strange because with my handbag, I empty it out every evening and fix it for the next day.

My toes and my cats always seem to photobomb my photo-sessions. In Sweden you take your shoes off when you enter your home, which is why my feet are always bare! The cat is just….well, a cat!


A small scratch is visible here – one rub and it will be gone!
Catnip fish hiding confidential information. To the left are the receipts for a couple of Filofaxes I bought for other members of the group, in case they ever need the receipt. Behind that is the DHL slip for my Aqua Malden I had to return.
Pens, highlighters and usb sticks are in the poppered pocket. The zippered pocket holds odds and ends and behind it I keep articles I want to read and things for ideas for blog posts – one of those papers holds addresses for style blogs for older people. So if you see that post on my blog one day you will know you saw it in gestation in my Gillio! The pen is a bronze Frixion which I felt looked better with the leather and gold hardware than the silver one it came with. 
Using Filofax A5 WOTP as Gillio does not make them. This was last week which was blissfully quiet at work, given that most of Sweden is still on holiday!
In card slots go various SIM cards and business cards
A YSL envelope (liked it because it was black and thick) being used to hold receipts and bits ‘n bobs. I got the idea from Paula Gibbens but I couldn’t do mine as nicely as she did. On the left side is a plastic holder holding stickers, receipts, stamps.
iPad and iPhone SIM removal tools. I need to swap SIMs constantly and I always lose the little tools. Also my name tags for my Gillio. Have not put them on the front flyleaf yet.
An article for translation, beauty product instructions, hotel notepaper and envelopes.
Various discount vouchers, cash back coupons and loyalty cheques. Also the warranty booklet and instructions for my new watch. It’s a dual time one with a date function and I have not figured out how to co-ordinate them all yet!
Birthday card I carry around all the time in case I need one quickly. Also on the left small booklets I am working on, a magnifying glass, a repair slip for my old watch, various articles and speeches I am working on, an Yves Rocher special offer card, the membership ticket for my charm club – when it is completed I get a new bracelet to start.
The A4-sized pocket – in it I have attendance registers, class lists, speeches and documents I have to work on, material for classes, lists of websites and accounts to pay

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Dear Janet!
    I don`t know for how many times I read this post now…scrolled through the pics…enlarge them…MY!!!This is such a piece of Beauty!!!!
    And I love how your cat is sneaking into the pics – just like mine!!
    Greetings from Hamburg,Chrissie :o))

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