Green Filofaxes – why so few?

I have always loved navy blue and deep green. But when it comes to clothing and accessories they have always seemed like the ‘poor relations’. Hard to find and don’t have the status of black and red. I have often wished that there were more Filofaxes available in navy blue and green.

This post is dedicated to green binders – look how beautiful they are! Soothing, classic, stylish…


Karen Lee’s Green Filofax Original


Karen Lee’s Green Gillio Planner


Karen Lee’s Green Original Filofax


Karen Lee’s Green Gillio planner


Karen Lee’s Green Gillio planner


Karen Lee’s Green Gillio planner

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4 replies

  1. my dream color FF is dark forest green!! waiting…waiting…


    • I hate to be an enabler but I couldn’t resist telling! You should check out the Louis Vuitton Epi MM agenda in green, comes in gold and silver rings. They are beautiful and so regal yet expensive 🤑 🤔Lol! You can find them used on eBay and from what I here they seem very durable!


  2. I love green, too. My FC compact is green – my favorite color.


  3. That’s so funny … I just mithered on about this in a youtube vid! Filo sisters 🙂


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