Gillio A5 Mia Cara in Epoca Gold

Beautifully packaged in a sturdy branded box, which took only 4 days door to door
Inside the box was another box, a small parcel beautifully wrapped, bubble wrap, an invoice and a beautiful shopping bag (thanks for sending it along, Gillio!)
Inside the box was another box – a branded Gillio box.
In addition to that box was an envelope with samples, a beautifully wrapped refill pack and the shopping bag.
Beautiful branded dustbag
First look at Goldie (the first binder I have ever named) – the leather is beyond belief…Mulberry eat your heart out. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the leather.
Opened binder. Full leather and beautifully made. Not a stitch out of place. The poppered pocket is perfect for my stationery. Very similar to the A5 Malden’s pocket, it holds pens, posts its, highlighters and spare rulers.
back view
A lovely Gillio ruler and a small leaflet about Gillio products
Gillio pen in the pen holder
Beautifully aligned and tough gold rings. Also easily replaceable if they should malfunction
Beautifully aligned and tough gold rings. Also easily replaceable if they should malfunction

The two parts separated
The two parts separated


lovely month planner
lovely month planner


I will write a more in-depth post tomorrow. But this planner is more than I could ever have hoped for. I had a pretty demanding picture in my head and this system is way better than that.

No shortcuts have been made with this binder. It is worth every single penny. The gold rings are spectacular. There is no cardboard stiffening the binder so it is soft and flexible. Lays totally flat.

It came with the most amazing inserts – crisp cream papers with tasteful text colors. The index tables run both across the top and down the side of the page. The paper is thin (and therefore light) but strong.

This binder could be ‘it’ for me – it’s that perfect. So I will never have to buy another one. Ironically though, its perfection makes me want another one!

With Mulberry Agenda in Oak
With Mulberry Agenda in Oak