Gillio A5 Organiser in Epoca Gold

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Usually every time I celebrate something I buy myself a present. For each job, each first paycheque, each birthday, each promotion, I buy myself something special – usually a Filofax, a handbag or jewellery. Then every time I use it I remember the special time it commemorates.  This year for my birthday it was going to be a Louis Vuitton Large Neverfull with the classic LV monogram.  My handbag is my office so I like big, hardy, classic ones that will stand the test of time. My Louis Vuitton large bucket bag is now 18 years old and looks absolutely stunning. The waxed canvas does not have a mark on it and the oxidising leather is a perfect caramel. But, I digress.

I had money set aside for my Neverfull but decided to change tack this year and treat myself to a special organiser. I have about 18 Filofaxes but I use them all – every few months I use a different one. Each one is special to me in a different way. Some look lovely, some smell lovely, some feel lovely, others have a perfect pocket constellation or are in a gorgeous colour that makes you happy just to look at it. Using a different binder is like a breath of fresh air or having a whole new outlook on life. The nice thing about Filofaxes is you can just take out the contents and put them in another binder. I invest in them and I use them to death.

So as an early birthday present this year I bought myself a Gillio Mia Cara A5 Organiser in Epoca Gold. I chose A5 because it has a slip pocket at the back which can hold A4 paper and I carry those a lot for work.

It should be here early next week and I will do an unveiling then, but until then here are some stock pics from the Gillio site. Below is a video explaining how it works and the pocket and slot configuration.

Description: A5 organiser with closer, wallet (also for A4 documents!), coin-purse, removable organiser compartment,  exclusive ring system silver mat with 6 rings and ballpoint in silver mat

Dimensions organiser: 21 x 25cm
Dimensions refill: 14 x 21,5cm

Left innerside:
* Coin-purse with 2 buttons
* Leather compartment for papers
* Zipper compartment

Right innerside:
* 8 emplacements for business- and/or creditcards

Left innerside (agenda part):
* 4 emplacements for business- and/or creditcards
* 1 emplacements for business- and/or creditcards

Gillio has a chat function so you can chat with their representatives and they will answer any queries you may have. They answer immediately so that is really nice. You can have embossing done at extra cost and it takes about a week, which is about the same as Smythson. They have a lifetime warranty so repairs are done for free. You are offered a replacement item for the time your item is under repair.

I also received an email from Tom at the company saying he had read on my blog that my ideal planner would have gold rings, offering to replace the standard silver things with gold for me. He then let me know that my gold-ringed planner was on the way. Is that 10000% perfect service or what? Gillio have certainly won my loyalty for life.

Watch this space for a reveal when it arrives!

It is actually two organisers in one as the ring binder is in a separate cover as well
It is actually two organisers in one as the ring binder is in a separate cover as well

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  1. I would *love* a Gillio! Every time I see another Gillio video or read another Gillio blog post, I start to get crazy jealous!

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