Links of London Friendship Watches


The-Original-FriendshipI own four or five Links friendship bracelets and wrote about them here.

Now the matching Links friendship WATCH is here. You can buy a round or a rectangular watch in several different colours (gallery below). If I had to choose, I would buy a rectangular one because then I could wear it together with my braclets and it would sit flush against them. As I mentioned in my previous post, they are not inexpensive (the watches go for €245) but they should go on sale periodically and if you travel via Heathrow you can always get them duty free. I have bought all of my Links bracelets on sale for 50% to 70% off. 6010.1033.friendshipwatchpurple_360x360$

6010.1032.blackfriendshipwatch_885x885$ 6010.1034.pinkfriendshipwatch_885x885$ 6010.1034.pinkfriendshipwatch.alt_885x885$ 6010.1036.friendshipwatchblackgrey_885x885$ 6010.1036.friendshipwatchblackgrey.alt_885x885$ 6010.1032.blackfriendshipwatch.alt_885x885$ 6010.1035.aquafriendshipwatch.alt_885x885$ 6010.1036.friendshipwatchblackgrey.alt_885x885$ 970427_517841221586918_381094171_n


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