Part II of Nostalgia Photographs from Port Elizabeth and HRC 1968 – 1979

Taken at Aandene in PE (Humewood?). That was a little red knitted suit with white boots which I loved. Anyone out there have something similar?
Autographed Trevor Rabin photograph that I hung around the Elizabeth hotel for. I also have one of Neil's broken drumsticks!
Autographed Trevor Rabin photograph that I hung around the Elizabeth hotel for. I also have one of Neil Cloud’s broken drumsticks!

SCAN0270HRC Hockey Day

HRC Hockey Day – this was teachers vs. pupils
My bedroom. Did anyone else have one that looked like this? Pics on the walls were from Elastoplast. Note the dolley varden with my little brush/mirror/comb set, a musical jewellery box, a Glook, feather flowers, and stickers on the mirror.
Kings Beach Area I think
SCAN0271 2
In my bookcase – Teddy Bear and Jackie annuals, Famous Five/Secret Seven/Nancy Drew. I also had I am David and the whole series of books by Joyce Stranger about animals (my favourite was Casey) Also a glass I stole from Lillies.
SCAN0264 2
Ignore the cups (I was a super-nerd) and concentrate instead on the posters on the walls – did anyone have these? Also Sarah Moon prints?
Matric Dance – no trilobal but lots of sparkle and shine he he
Anyone have a dolls’ house like this?
A better view of a 60s/70s teenage dressing table 🙂
HRC tennis court. I think this was taken from the Std 10 window
King’s beach
Boswell Wilkie Circus. Have an awful feeling that cub may have been drugged.
SCAN0273 2
HRC Junior School
HRC Showjumping team
Prizegiving. I think that may be me. if it is not it looks like Linda Field.
My matric dance, with Johann Overgoor
King’s Beach

SCAN0265 SCAN0267 Untitled 2 SCAN0289 SCAN0281 SCAN0268 Untitled245

Woodridge Matric Dance

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