Campomaggi Q and A

I have received quite a few Campomaggi questions the past week so I am going to answer the most frequent ones here.

Are Campomaggi bags worth the money?

  • In my opinion, most definitely. They are not cheap but they are extremely well-made and built to last. They are tough and yet soft and squashy. The bags are handsewn in their entirety and then they are washed and treated. This means that the leather is very soft and pliable and comfortable to wear.

Best place to buy them?

  • Obviously the best place would be locally so do a search first. If you cannot find them there, then I do suggest Marcopoloni – they have the widest range, the most extensive explanation of colours and finishes and the best customer service. If you do buy from them be aware that you could have to pay tax and customs to get them into your country if you do not live in the USA. But the prices are good to start with.

Are they heavy?

  • Yes they are, but most heavy duty leather is heavy.

How do get them cheaper?

  • Ebay and on seasonal sale. But they go quickly so check often and if you see one you like – strike!

Which ones do you have?

  • Pics below – a Campini (bottom) and a Borsa Tasca (top) – both in Cognac.
Borsa Tasca

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